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Siret AA - Kenya

Juicy notes of blackcurrant and lime

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Siret AA - Kenya
Juicy notes of blackcurrant and lime
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It's been a tough year for Kenyan coffee - with climate change and an unstable economy causing growers to really struggle. Kenya truly is our favourite origin here at Kogarashi, and this is an exceptional example of what the country is capable of producing. If we had to describe it in one word, it would be 'juicy'. Bursting with bright sweet lime acidity, and a mouthful of blackcurrant juiciness!

Enjoy this coffee black.
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The Producer

Siret wetmill is part of the Kimlogit Cooperative of farmers. The mill produces coffee from over 1000 small hold farmers and is a major contributor to the local economy.

The region

Based in Kericho County in Kenya's Great Rift Valley, an area which is better known for it's incredible teas more so than coffees! Medium/high altitudes, fertile volcanic soils and relatively consistent weather patterns make for a complex coffee.


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