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La Florida - Colombia

Intensely sweet allusions of caramel and tropical fruits

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La Florida - Colombia
Intensely sweet allusions of caramel and tropical fruits
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Just as the seasons change - so must our coffee, and it is with bittersweet melancholy that we bid farewell to our first ever coffee, Portal da Serra. It's the coffee that taught us how to perfect a consistent roasting profile, how to blend, and has been a customer favourite for several months.
Syrupy sweet caramel with subtle notes of milk chocolate and an intriguing hint of tropical fruits and a slice of green apple! When we tasted this coffee it really stood out to us. It had the classic sweet hit you’d expect from a South American - however the funky tropical notes were a surprise to be sure, but a welcome one.
This coffee truly shines with all brew methods - as expected with a Colombian it makes for a fine espresso / cafetiere. However try this coffee black as a drip filter and you'll taste a completely different set of flavours.
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About the coffee & Region

Located South West of Colombia's capital Bogota, in the secluded mountainous region of Huila. This small farming community produces some of the finest coffee in Colombia - owing to its high altitude and fertile soils.

This coffee is prepared for roasting using a modified washed process, where the ripe coffee cherries are partially washed and then The coffee then fermented for 28 hours. The coffee is then dried on raised beds for around 30-35 days - a drying process which is unconventional for Colombia and this region.