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Gorilla Summit - Uganda Natural

Passionfruit liqueur, milk chocolate, boozy

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Gorilla Summit - Uganda Natural
Passionfruit liqueur, milk chocolate, boozy
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Whole bean
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The Coffee
A heavy bodied sweet coffee with an almost 'boozy' aftertaste thanks to its natural fermentation process. Depending on how it's roasted and prepared this coffee is exceptional as both a fruity filter or an intriguingly unorthodox espresso. Expect notes of passionfruit liqueur and milk chocolate undertones. Well balanced with a heavy body and minimal bitterness.

The Region
Produced in the volcanic soils of the Bwindi Mountains, and surrounded by the UNESCO Bwindi National Park, this collection of smallholder coffee farms is dedicated to quality over quantity, and is heavily regulated to ensure that their methods do not infringe on the surrounding natural habitats. Ample altitudes, growing conditions and volcanic soils make for truly exceptional coffees worthy of their 'speciality status'.

The Producer
Gorilla Summit, named after the Mountain Gorilla's which inhabit the surrounding areas, is a cooperative set up in 2012 by Gerald Mbabazi, which had the initial goal of bringing his Village's coffee t the World. One by ne, neighbouring farms joined him, and together they worked at improving farming techniques and coffee quality until they created something special. These days, Gorilla Summit continues to work as a hive of exceptional coffee farmers who continue to churn out speciality coffee, and invest heavily in local infrastructure to improve the lives of those around them.

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