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El Bajadero - Nicaragua

Notes of sugared strawberries and fudge

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El Bajadero - Nicaragua
Notes of sugared strawberries and fudge
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Whole bean
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Cold brew

Sweet and light with a fresh fruity finish - very low bitterness and a lovely lingering mouthfeel. Our new offering hails from the dense forests of South West Nicaragua.

Red Honey processed, which is somewhere between washed and natural - it shows off a beautiful fruitiness whilst maintaining a clean, sweet and refined taste. Expect an easy drinking coffee which is best enjoyed Black however will work very well in a milk-based drink too.

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The farm

In the volcanic soils of Kenya's Great Rift Valley, Kamiwa Farmers' Cooperative Society manage a small independent farm producing some of the country's finest coffees. The high altitudes and fertile soils provide perfect conditions for fruity, well-balanced speciality coffees - and this is no exception.
It is wet processed at a dedicated local coffee mill - allowing the ripe cherries to fermented for up to 2 days, then dried carefully for 2-3 weeks on raised African beds. This particular form of processing gives clean bright flavours to the coffee.


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