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Carnival - House Espresso Blend

Hints of dark chocolate, molasses, and nuts

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Carnival - House Espresso Blend
Hints of dark chocolate, molasses, and nuts
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The Coffee
Seasons come and go but this classic is all year long. We carefully blend some of our most popular coffees to create a consistent and moreish flavour profile throughout the year. The blend will change but the taste will not. Expect dark chocolate and molasses in the cup with a nutty aftertaste. Excellent for espresso based drinks and cafetiere preparations.

The Region
We're currently using a blend of high quality Colombian washed process coffee and Brazilian natural process.

The Process
It's takes us a while to introduce our house espresso blend but boy has it been worth it. After experimenting with dozens of coffees, we've taken the guesswork out of buying a coffee you think you might enjoy and replaced it with a consistent year round favourite.

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