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Respectfully roasted in-season coffees from around the world


  • Tastes great, not bitter which is how I like it, but my computer keyboard didn't enjoy it as much as I did
    David Houghton
  • Tasty coffee, smooth and easy to drink, thanks
    Daniel Jones
  • Very different to supermarket coffee I usually buy! In a good way 🤤🤤
    Isabella Martins


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Our mission

The lively backstreets of Japan’s capital are home to one of the world’s most advanced and exciting coffee scenes. Local roasteries employ expert baristas who take pride in every stage of the coffee making process. From carefully selecting the best beans in terms of origin and season to manually preparing pour-over coffee for every customer, their ritual is so much more than just a convenient drink for the busy commuter.

Here at Kogarashi we have embraced the Japanese approach. We tirelessly seek out the best in-season coffees from around the world, paying above Fairtrade prices to the dedicated farmers who produce them. We then roast each bean to its own unique profile to bring out its best qualities. So, we invite you to come and experience coffee the Kogarashi way…

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